Running an incredible direct mail campaign makes no difference if the data is outdated and irrelevant. That’s why Apex Direct Mail can offer a data cleansing service to ensure everything is still up-to-date.

Whether you have duplicates, records of the deceased, or national changes of address, all of these factors can have you wasting money and time. With more than 11% of people moving to a new house every year and 15% of businesses relocating, it’s crucial to check that your recipients’ details are still relevant.

Based in Aldershot, Apex Direct Mail regularly deliver data cleansing services for companies in Surrey and Hampshire.

Our data processing and manipulation can improve response rates for your mail campaign in Surrey. This includes full data cleansing options covering de-duplication, file to file suppressions and deceased registers. With our software, we can help you identify irrelevant data and provide you with new addresses.

With our free data audits, Apex Direct Mail can deal with all aspects of data processing, including checking national changes of address, Royal Mail postal address, the deceased register and the bereaved register. We also offer layout standardisation, data capture and verification, barcode programming and in-house programming.

If you need a data cleansing service in Surrey, simply get in touch today.

01252 333500.