If you’re wondering whether to run a mail marketing campaign in Guildford, you’ll discover there’s many benefits to reaching customers in this way.   

How often do you pay attention to marketing emails sent from companies? The likelihood is not very often. Material sent through the post, meanwhile, is much more likely to catch your attention.

Twenty years ago we used to get excited to get an email but not a letter. Today the reverse is true. People are much more likely to keep printed material for longer, whereas emails can be deleted at the click of a button. Printed material is also considered to have more validity than information online which, in the era of ‘fake news’, is always much more questionable.

Get noticed by customers local to your business in Guildford with a highly targeted campaign supported by experts in the industry.

Apex Direct Mail regularly help customers to reach the clients they need in Guildford. We want to make sure your campaign is delivered exactly how you want it.

Although mail marketing is extremely affordable, it shows your company is making an effort to reach the customers that matter the most. Our services include simple hand mailing, full data processing, high speed envelope machine insertion and pick and pack services, along with full colour digital printing and personalisation.