Data Processing & Manipulation

See how Apex can improve response rates and reduce your print, fulfilment and postage costs by ensuring your data is working the best for you…

At Apex Direct Mail we offer a full suite of options to cleanse your data, from removing duplicates to notifying you of deceased records through to National Change of Address (NCOA) updates, we can do it all! The good news is we offer you a free report to see just how clear your data is. Under GDPR we all now look at the data we hold more seriously and whilst you may have legitimate interest to send your campaign to your targeted audience, it is always good to ensure the data is as pure as can be to obtain the best responses.

We have sophisticated software at our disposal to ensure your marketing campaigns are more effective by only mailing the correct targeted audience. As part of our service we can also source new fresh data based on your previous results giving you an even greater return on your investment.

Did you know that 11% of individuals move home and more than 15% of businesses move every year? With our software we are able to identify them for you and often provide their new address!

Full Data Cleansing Options

We provide all-inclusive data cleansing covering De-Duplication, File to File Suppressions and Deceased Registers.


We can save you money by identifying whether you are targeting the same person twice, we can also check across multiple files if you are running multiple campaigns.

database and data management services

Data Enhancement

Our reports show you all the enhancements you can make to your data, the report is free and gives you a nice shopping list and prices so you can cherry pick which services you wish to use and you will know exactly what the costs will be.

Did you know?
people have moved house while you read this

Free Data Audit

We will check your data integrity & provide a free report of anomalies.

Apex Direct Mail – Additional Data Services 

This enables us to deal with all aspects of data processing:

  • We can merge and purge multiple data files to create one single unique file
  • Under GDPR we offer Mailing Preference Service (MPS)
    (Those who prefer not to receive unsolicited direct mail)
  • National Change of Address (NCOA).
    Your data file can be run against approx. 9.5 million new and old addresses. Compiled by the Royal Mail using re-direction requests from householders.
  • Royal Mail Postal Address File (PAF).
    We can process your data against every address in the UK and updated accordingly
  • The Deceased Register (TDR).
    For peace of mind we can run your data against a list of local registrars throughout the UK.
  • The Bereavement Register (TBR).
    This file is collected in collaboration with local government registrars, law firms, hospitals and funeral directors throughout the UK within 7 days of a death.
We also offer the following data management services;
  • Layout standardisation
  • Data capture & verification
  • Barcode programming and verification
  • In-house programming for data problem solving

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