how effective is direct mail marketing

How Effective is Direct Mail Marketing

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Are you wondering if a direct mail strategy is worth pursuing? As our society is becoming increasingly digital, how effective is direct mail marketing in 2019?

Despite the fact that more of us are using computers and mobile phones than ever, direct mail marketing is still a highly effective way of reaching your target audience. Recent studies have shown that response rates are actually increasing, in contrast to what many may have predicted.

Here is why you should still pursue direct mail marketing.

1. It is highly targeted

With our data processing and manipulation services, you can target your direct mail marketing campaigns at exactly the right people. This might include long time customers or new prospects, so that you can send people information in line with their buying habits or specific needs.

2. It is Measurable

All business owners want to know exactly how each of their marketing campaigns are performing. With direct mail marketing, you can send prospects a physical coupon or discount code, which allows you to easily get an idea of your return on investment.

3. It feels personal

With direct mail, you can address consumers personally, using their name & title. This makes your messaging instantly more effective, as it gives the impression you are talking directly to them. Despite the rise of email and other forms of online communication, people are still eager to read hand delivered mail.

4. It is versatile 

Direct mail marketing is highly versatile, as it is open to small businesses and large businesses alike. If working on a low budget, small companies can put together a postcard design to send out to potential prospects. However, with a larger budget, organisations can send out full brochures, magazines, catalogues & more. Whatever level of budget you are working with, direct mail can be effective.

5. A proven track record

Businesses have been taking advantage of direct mail marketing techniques for years. Despite the rise of digital marketing and other forms of advertising, direct mail has remained a proven and trusted way of increasing sales.

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