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Mailshots – A Complete Guide

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You may have heard that mailshots are a great way to reach out to your customer base, but what exactly are mailshots and how can you successfully utilise this form of marketing? We have put together this comprehensive guide below, to answer all of your questions about mailshots, and more! 

What are mailshots

A mailshot is a form of direct marketing which allows a business or organisation to contact a large group of customers and prospects via the post. Most commonly, these are letters and postcards with enticing offers for goods & services. Though they can also be used for other purposes too, such as promoting events or even political campaigns. 

Mailshot campaigns are often assisted and sent out by direct mail companies who have specialist expertise & equipment for this form of marketing. 

What to include in a mailshot? 

Mailshots can come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on how creative you want to get. Often they are simple leaflets or flyers, or they could be highly personalised packs containing several different pieces of information. 

Including a personal touch is a great way to increase the chances of your mailshot being read. Address your mail to a named individual and use personalised text. Get to know your target audience well and offer them something that you know will interest them specifically (seek assistance from a direct mail data processing specialist for help with this).

Including vouchers or discount codes is particularly effective. Make sure to include any conditions for offer redemptions, the closing date for your offer, etc. This will create a sense of urgency for the customer to act quickly on the offer. 

What are the benefits of sending mailshots?

Mailshots have been used as a direct marketing medium for many years, they are a tried and tested way of promoting your business. Far from dying out in a world that is becoming increasingly digital, mailshots are as effective now, if not more effective, than ever. 

Mailshots allow you to stand out from the crowd, without being filtered into a spam email folder or being dismissed by an ad blocker. Aside from this, there are also many other benefits to using mailshots for marketing. Here are just a few: 

  • Highly targeted
  • Can be personalised
  • Easy to monitor and track the success of a campaign
  • Integrated marketing approach
  • Easy to create and execute a direct mail campaign
  • Direct mail campaigns have a higher ROI
  • It supports other marketing efforts
  • Cost effective direct marketing
  • Proven history of success

Using a direct mail service to send mailshots

As we mentioned above, many businesses & organisations choose to outsource the process of creating and sending mailshots, using a professional direct mail service. In addition to saving you lots of time & resources, this means your campaign will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a specialised service. 

Apex Direct Mail creates direct mail & fulfilment campaigns to suit any budget, focusing on sourcing print requirements, bespoke hand fulfilment and machine enclosing together with sourcing you the best postage costs available.

We always go the extra mile to help you find the most cost effective solutions, so you can achieve your maximum ROI. 

If you would like to get in touch to discuss a mailshot campaign for your business, call us today on 01252 333500.